Tuesday, January 31, 2017

I'm Back.

Psyche! I'm back here on  Wordpress let me down in a Big way... how was I supposed to know that upon deleting images from my media library aka the image uploading tool, I would also be deleting them from the entire blog. Typing it out here makes it seem more intuitive, that deleting the photos from one folder would remove them everywhere, but in the moment there was no indication that all would be lost. All my work sifting through photos, ordering them correctly, trying to document our doings, gone. So, I have taken a period of grieving time and now I am back. Hopefully back on a bi-weekly basis, as I resolved at the New Year. Back on blogger. Because blogger lets you upload as many photos as you want and they are there forever. May not look quite as streamlined and pretty, but it'll do. I'm hoping to re-do all the posts (ok, there really weren't that many) I had up on my wordpress page, reinsert all the proper photos in the correct places, and republish them on this trusty blog here. Kind of a daunting task, but doable. One thing at a time, right?

What started out as such good intentions at the beginning of our move over here has slipped and fallen and been set aside. And now, months behind, I am attempting to pick up the pieces. I keep telling myself that I just have to do a little bit at a time. I don't have to organize and document our thousands and thousands of photos all in one sitting. I have the problem, like a lot of people, of being overwhelmed by the immensity of a task, overwhelmed enough that I can't seem to even begin it. So I'm trying to combat that feeling by telling myself that bit by bit will get it done.

For now - a small update.

1. My iPhone broke. And I may have lost all my contacts. Not sure yet. If you'd like me to have your number (the handful of you who read this) feel free to email or send it via facebook. I'm sure I'd like to have yours too. No phone means a lot less pictures. So I won't have as many things to show for a while. I will be picking up a new phone while in Idaho in a couple weeks, which brings me to #2:

2. Claire and I will be flying to Boise, ID on February 15 for my sister Jessica's wedding. I'm really excited to be going home, back to the US, back to some good Mexican food, and back to my family. But the thought of navigating the beastly overseas flight on my own with baby in tow does scare me a little bit. Especially without my crutch and comfort, the iPhone (you thought I was gonna say Max, didn't you). I'm nervous doing it without him too. He always takes care of everything and gets us where we need to go allowing me to "smell the roses" and pick the daisies along the way without paying any attention at all. So nice of him.

3. We, especially I myself, have been sick for a month. Seriously. Since before Christmas it's been one bug after another. As soon as I'm over one, another one hits me. I am SO TIRED of being sick. Nothing makes you prize your health and energy and physical capacity like having ZERO of any of it. It feels good to be out of it now, hopefully for good, and able to care for my family and children. I'm trying to recommit myself to earlier bedtimes, for myself (why is it so hard?), not the kids, we actually do a pretty good job with the kids, and to healthier eating. As a result of being sick so much we really haven't done much since Christmas. I haven't even been to church in a couple weeks, and I am feeling it! I'm looking forward to that spiritual boost this Sunday for sure.

4. Max has submitted an application for another program here at Oxford. An MSC at the OII.  That is, a Masters in Science at the Oxford Internet Institute. A degree in Social Science of the Internet, to be exact. If he gets accepted, and if we decide to actually do it, we would stay in Oxford for another year after this year is up come the fall. We waver back and forth. We love the idea of staying here longer, and the program is really in line with all of Max's interests and desired focus. But, it means a lot more student debt to deal with on the other side. Stay tuned.

I think that is everything. Soon I will get posts up about our amazing German Christmas, about Scotland, and all the things we did in between the two.

Until then,

Here are a few photos.

Christmas day Finery. Most recent family portrait.

We went to Stonehenge a couple weeks ago. Incredible. Right next to the highway. Driving past history.

Crazy, cabin-fevered girlies.

Sometime in the past monthish, probably on a Sunday, chillin with the fam.