Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Halloween Festivities 2015 Part 2

... Continued from previous post. (Gotta finish this up quick, at least before Thanksgiving!)

Celebration 3.  Jaker's Jack-O-Lanterns

So fun. Enough so that we planned to go back with Alice's best cousin Brielle, but couldn't because of cold weather, darn it all.

But that first time was Perfect! It was nice and warm, almost hot, and the perfect fall day. We got some friends and their children together and enjoyed all Jaker's had to offer. All things fall and Halloween condensed together. Only downside was that while Jaker's is normally free on weekdays, because the school district was on holiday we did end up having to pay. A dollar a piece isn't too heavy for such a pleasant time though.

First we did the corn maze, the tiny, shoulder-high-for-adults one, which the kids zipped right through, followed by the medium one, which had walls 2 or 3 times higher. The kids loved it and probably would have continued running through it for the next hour if we hadn't dragged them out. They found little tiny passageways and holes that they LOVED and that us adults couldn't fit through. Luckily the maze wasn't very big or we might have lost a few chillens in there.

After the mazes we waited in line for the hay ride! And snapped a few group pictures of all the cute kids together as we waited. So many cute ones, it's hard to pick only one!  (I have that problem with a lot of things in life.)

For some reason Jane was Suuuuper nervous climbing onto the hay ride trailer. Some things in life she jumps right into without thinking, just helping herself with no inhibitions. But other things, usually the new things she hasn't experienced before, she is Realllly cautious with. I had my arms/chest full of Baby Claire and couldn't help her or soothe her very well as we were climbing the hay bales to get on the trailer so sweet Ashley picked her up and set her on her lap for the ride. Jane was *clinging* to her the Entire ride! Funny girl. While Ashley's own daughter sat next to her happy as a clam, as well as all the other kids on the the whole trailer.  Apparently Jane did enjoy herself though, cause every now and again she would look up at Ashley and say in her slow, low, extremely enunciated voice, "I'm - having - fun." 

I was really concentrating on taking this selfie, and Claire was really concentrating on Alice's fingers.

And then Rachelle and I tried to capture us with our babes on our laps. We should get a selfie stick. 

Loooots a' pumpkins.
Yup, still clinging.

After the hay ride we saw all the animals. Some were cute, some were stinky, kids loved 'em all. My favorite part about it was the warning sign telling parents to pet the animals at their own risk, as they may nip or bite. 

And I think the favorite part for all the kids was the Huge Gigantic corn pit! So much corn. So many corn kernels. Once again, because she'd never seen it before, Jane was pretty nervous about it and wouldn't get in for a while. Once she finally did though, she loved it, obviously.

After having so much fun they just couldn't be happy any more for me while I took cute pictures of them with the pumpkins. They were just too mad. And tired. 
Yaaaay pumpkins!!
Also, the sun was too bright. Life's so hard when you're a toddler.

However, when I told them to pick out a little pumpkin they perked right up!

"Okay Mom! Gee, thanks! Yippe!"

I just have to mention that Alice picked a perfectly shaped little orange pumpkin, and Jane picked a pear shaped green and yellow gourd. I thought it was so funny. So fitting of both their little personalities! I love to see the differences between them.

Celebration 4. Riverwoods Pumpkin Parade

We went with our cousins to walk around the Riverwoods and trick or treat at all the shops. Only Jane's costume was done at this point, a week before Halloween! So they went in princess dress up costumes instead. We had fun seeing all the different costumes walking around.

Wow Reflctive Tape!!

And afterwards went back to the Rays and watched Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin. What a great little show. Love that Charlie Brown.

Celebration 5. Ward Halloween Party and Trunk or Treat

The costume reveal for the whole family! We were so happy with how it all came together! I have to say though, I still think Jane's is the best. How do you beat an adorable white bunny costume on Janiac??

Yaaaaay! We love Halloween!!!

The party was a lot of fun. Amazing decorations created a really cool atmosphere for the party, good food, some fun games for the kiddies, and of course trunk or treating! Which we did inside the church because of the rain. Which I think inhibited the kids from going around and around and around because it was well-lit rather than in the darkness outside that makes them think you can't see them, when you totally can and remember exactly how many times they've come around, but whatever. I don't want to eat all that leftover candy anyway (I mean I do, but I shouldn't, obvi).

And guess what? We Totally won the prize for best costume. Out of the whole ward, and neighborhood that was there.
Pretty sweet clacker trophy, right?

Celebration 6. Nu Skin Halloween
(tired yet? I am. I told you, we celebrated like crazy! So fun.)

Our favorite Aunt Georgia invited us to come over for the Nu Skin costume parade and trick or treating, plus yummy lunch. She's so good to us. We had a lot of fun looking at costumes, and trying to shield the girls' eyes from others. Some of those costumes were gruesome! I mean, I guess it is Halloween... but Dang!
And then they got to practice trick-or-treating AGAIN (that's 3 times now) going around the building to Georgia's friends. I mean, what's not to like?

Celebration 7. Halloween Breakfast with the Spences!

Our good friends recently moved back from the east coast and they invited us up to their beautiful new house for breakfast on Halloween. 

Look at all that orange and black! I love it!

We had a delicious meal.
Pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes, omelette muffins, hash browns, banana ghosts, and jack-o-lantern clementines.

And after we got back the girls just looked so cute in their festive clothes I did a mini photo shoot with them in our little yard.

Jane's really got some great cheese.

Then inside they found their monster teeth and kept "scaring" me (and I'm a good mom so I pretended to be terrified every time) and growling at me and having such fun doing it.

Celebration 8. Halloween Night!

Finally the night has come! We trick-or-treated with our best cousins Brielle and Hayden, and Skyler. I love seeing my kids interact with cousins, because I had such fun with my own cousins while I was growing up.

Seriously though, that Jane's really got this whole "say cheese and smile" thing down!!!

I know I keep saying this, but MAN, it's gonna be hard to beat this costume's cuteness. 

Jane got a little tired after a while and started lagging behind, and eventually just sat down on the sidewalk refusing to move for a bit. Apparently the promise of candy wasn't enough for her little legs.

After trick or treating we had a cousin party filled with lots of yummy food and treats and some really great company.

Eventually we decided we probably had better take the kids home and put them to bed. Waaaaay past their regular bedtime. It's always hard to leave such fun gatherings.