Friday, March 13, 2015

Jane's Birthday #1

I've said this many times before I think, but I'm going to try to play some catch up. Now that we're getting close to Jane's second birthday, I'm finally getting around to blogging about her First birthday.

I heard from my cousin, Ashlyn, that in their family the tradition for one-year-olds was to have spaghetti for dinner, and then chocolate cake. I loved the idea of spaghetti because of course a 1-year-old is going to make a huge mess and get it all over their face - perfect for cute pictures. Jane was pretty excited about it, as you can see by her little grin.

Before eating:

While eating:

After Eating: Yum.

After dinner we headed over to Max's parents to have a little party for her. I had read about a fun first birthday tradition in a talk given by Elder L. Tom Perry, a member of the highest leadership for my church, this is the link to his talk. He said in his family they lined up a bottle of milk, piggy bank, toy, and the scriptures across the room from the baby and then had the child crawl over and pick one. Whichever object they choose is supposed to determine the child's future. We decided to implement this tradition (sorry Alice, we were too late for you) with Jane. It was so fun! It really was not a surprise to us that Jane chose the bottle First thing! No hesitation, at all. That girl has always loved to eat. 

After this little "test" we let Jane open some presents.

And then we let her dig in to her cake!

She didn't go quite as crazy as I thought she would. Everyone told me it was because I didn't give her a chocolate cake. They were probably right. Who wants to bury their face in a strawberry cake? I've learned my lesson for next time.

When we got home from our party we found some cute balloons tied to our doorknob, left their by our good friends the Kwarms because they couldn't make it to the party. Jane was pretty entertained by them.

Happiest of birthdays Jane Dear! We love you.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Catch up 2014 - January

Special Moments from January 2014
[Probably boring for any readers, this is more for my sake to feel like I'm documenting our lives]

Early 2014, Alice was really taking an interest in playing dress-up. She had one dress up outfit, this Cinderella gown. One morning she scampered out of her room wearing it and holding the smaller blue dress Jane is wearing in her hands. She told me she wanted Jane to dress up too, so she could match Alice. How cute is that? I couldn't refuse.

Cute little bathers. Sisters, sisters.

We watched a Looooot of Olynpics in January. Sochi, 2014. On our Roku device (since we dont have regular TV channels) we found a channel that basically allowed us to watch any of the Olympics that were showed during the day, all in one chunk in the evening. No commercials, we could fast forward through what we didn't want to see, and catch up in a couple hours. It was awesome. Every night we sat and watched - I looooved it. Cross country skiing was my favorite to watch this year, aside from the obvious figure skating, of course.


This is what I did during most of the Olympics, it actually took almost all of it to finish it. Crepe paper rosettes - - they took Forever! But I loved the outcome, a little Valentine's decoration.