Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Therrible Threes

Alice turned 3 this month. I've joked with some friends that in our house it's going to be the Therrible Threes rather than the Terrible Twos. Twos weren't so bad for us around here. Threes are looking like they'll be pretty difficult. Independence, defiance, back talking, disobedience, mood swings, bursts of tears, constant whining... ... ..

However, we were very happy to celebrate with Alice on her special day. Despite the difficulties of parenthood we love her dearly and are ready to dive in and figure these three year old emotions and challenges out with smiles on our faces (most of the time).

OK, this post wasn't supposed to be a downer, it was supposed to be a celebration of her life. Let's look at how we celebrated:

 We had a special birthday breakfast of Shirley's orange rolls. I knew I still had to frost cookies for joy school, bake a cake, finish her Elsa dress birthday present, and various other things so I decided to buy some sweet rolls rather than make a special breakfast for her.
(I sort of didn't like doing a sweet breakfast cause I knew we'd be having cookies and cake later in the day, but I wanted to make it special - it is hard for me to think of non-sweet special foods. Any ideas on how to celebrate/make special without doing this?)

 Jane was Loving the balloons I put above the table. She could hardly stop looking at them. I think they distracted her from the big present that was sitting right beside her on the table. Perfect.

Lucky Alice got to go to Joy School on her birthday and celebrate with all her friends. They'd just had a lesson on healthy foods, and I brought them each a giant sugar cookie with lots of frosting. Nothing like a contrast to help learn, right? 

 People were really sweet to Alice and brought her some adorable gifts, even though I told them not to, the stinkers! She was so showered with gifts and special treatment that day, it made my heart happy to see her so loved.

Later that evening we had a party at Grandma and Papa's house. I discovered just how crazy three 3-year-olds and all their younger siblings can be. We might think twice about doing a 3-year-old party in the future :)
It was lots of fun though, her two best friends came - Lucy and Brielle. Plus a few more little cousins.

We played "Don't Eat Elsa" (adaptation of Don't Eat Pete with images from Disney's "Frozen") They all loved it. Especially little Ryker - the guy at my elbow. I think marshmellows are his favorite thing in the whole world!

Then Alice opened her presents - once again it was so heartwarming to see how sweet our friends and family are, Alice was given so many gifts! Too many?! 
I saved our gift for last - I'd been working on this Elsa dress for weeks and had finally finished it all earlier that day. Phew! I'm glad she liked it as much as she did. She wore it for three days straight!


If I'd been taking the pictures I would have tried to get all of our guests. I was too busy wrangling all the kids with the games and everything though. Max got a few shots for me. Here is Tiffany and Ruby, our neighbors.

And here is the cake. So I got a little off with the color. It went pretty green. I was just eyeballing it but should have had a picture or something to compare it to. Ah well, what can ya do.

Also I was trying to be really cool and make this awesome candy that I could shatter and use to decorate the cake like ice shards... but I totally ruined it. One of your classic pinterest fails. I didn't have any candy flavoring so I used a little jello mix. Bad idea. The candy wouldn't set, stuck like cement on my teeth, and wouldn't break, just bend really slowly. I ended up having to throw it away. If I'd have stopped to think for half a second I'd have realized, hopefully, that jello mix would have turned it gummy. After getting real frustrated I decided to focus on how I learned my lesson for next time rather than the fact that I had two 9x13 pans of unusable sugar candy. And an hour of wasted time. 

That's life.

But the cake was great anyway. 
Alice loved it - anything with Frozen characters on it will win her over in a heartbeat.
And it tasted real yummy.
(I put jello mix in the frosting too, just a little, to add a little flavor and color and this time it worked out great. A pinterest success haha)