Friday, August 10, 2012

For Brittany.

Brittany Staley, this post is for you. Here are some pictures of the living room/kitchen area of the apt. we'll be moving into. There's not a whole lot of space and we're not sure where to put the sofas and TV. Hopefully you can orient yourselves with these pictures.

 This is walking into the room from the front door. Obviously, the kitchen is in the back, the carpeted area is our living room space.

This is from against the wall of the living room. On the other side there's a hallway that leads to bathroom, bedroom, laundry.

Again, from the wall of the living room, you can't seen the kitchen in this one. More directly across from the opposite hallway. We're thinking of putting the TV against the wall in the left side of the photo.

A better view of the "TV" wall.

View from "TV" wall in to kitchen

View from kitchen to "TV" wall

Sooo... what do you think?

We are thinking a couch on the dividing line between the kitchen and living room and then putting our kitchen table directly behind it. Then the TV against that wall, and our big chair we haven't decided about yet.