Thursday, June 21, 2012

Alice's B-day Breakfast (Because I forgot it in the other one...)

Alice and her Blankey

Several months ago I pulled out my baby blanket that my grandmother, Janet Ray, quilted for me. It's still in mint condition, after these 24 years. I guess I didn't use it much. Alice, however, from almost the very first time she ever saw it, has loved it as much as a little baby can love anything.

It always brings a smile to my face when she's playing quietly or I'm holding her, maybe she's drinking her bottle, and then she spots it across the room and starts whining for it and doesn't stop until I put it into her hands so she can caress the soft flannel back and frilled edges with her dainty little fingers. Sometimes she'll spot it and start laughing, as if delighted to see the face of an old, loved friend in an unexpected place. Sometimes she'll see it and start crying, mad that it's far away and not already in her hands, mad that I've been "keeping it from her".  She can't nap or go to bed without it and if it's ever on the floor near her, she'll often crawl over to it, lay her little head on it and just cuddle with it for a minute before quickly getting up and moving on to her next little project of play/destruction. It goes with us everywhere.

For example:

 1. For a few days she wouldn't even use her walker without it. I tried to drape it over the fence in our yard while we walked along the sidewalk, but she would not have it. She whined and reached and grabbed for it until I draped it over the little bugger's walker.
See how one hand is gripping the handle while the other is gripping her precious blanket? Being able to see it there with her was not enough, she had to be holding onto it, even if that meant minimizing her already precarious balance.
Happy as a clam with her walker and her blanky.

2. She likes to cuddle with it after her baths, wrapped up in her hoodie towel and snuggling with blankey.

3. While playing on the floor she prefers to have it nearby.

4. And when she decides it's time to check out the kitchen, or her room, or mom's room, she drags it along with her as she crawls.

5. We take it on outings with us, like to Aunt Kristin's lacrosse games (also church, grocery store, grandma's house, etc. etc. etc.)

6.While she's playing with Daddy's iPad it's never far away.

7. Once I walked in on her in her little bedroom (she'd been in there for a while and I could her her crying and struggling with something) and this is what I saw. The poor dear was trying desperately to free her blankey from her crib!
But she was having a hard time pulling it through those bars, darnit.

8. Alice was not happy when her blankey was in the laundry basket to be washed at Grandma O's. She wanted it OUT. Let the pictures tell the story . . .
 She spots the blankey on the top of the laundry pile.
"I have to get my blankey out of there!"

 "Ah man, this is really hard. I can't get it! It's stuck!"

 "Mom, why aren't you helping me? Look how pitiful I am."

 "Oh, few, I have it in my hands. Thank goodness, I was getting so worried. I'm never letting go of this again."

Now that she has it she's apparently very happy - happy enough to play Peek-A-Boo!

9. And this is what I see most of all.
When I go into her room to get her out of bed, whether first thing in the morning or after one of her naps, as soon as she hears that door opening she'll reach down from where she's perched holding onto the rail and quickley find her blankey, because heaven forbid I should pick her up without it! It's so funny how she scrambles to grab it before I pick her up and then holds it out, reaching for me. Sometimes it slips from her hands and she begins to panic until she realizes I've grabbed it for her and wrapped it securely around her little body.

Well, I'm glad it's getting some good loving from a cute little baby, since I guess I didn't give it much. It's a darling blanket, it deserves to be good and loved, and maybe to have a few holes worn through its layers and some nice stains in its fabrics. Those are the marks of a well loved toy. I'm confident Alice and her blankey are on their way.

Summer Colors on the Door

My newest creation. 

I finally took down the Valentine's Day wreath I'd made after I bought these lovely blooms at Joann's. Knowing I would be replacing it with something made it easier for me to remove it.{Thanks JoAnn's for selling the flowers to me for half off. Love that}.

I love how it's so BRIGHT and summery. I think it looks even brighter when you see it in real life. You should all come visit me just so you can see my wreath. Too bad we live at the bottom of a stair well and our door is completely hidden from the street. Now only a select few get to enjoy the view. I guess that makes the experience all the more special.

Happy summer! Go swimming or something.

Monday, June 18, 2012

BIG AL('s)

 When Alice was only a few months old, still a wee little thing in the 15 percentile or lower for everything a newborn is measured, her Aunt Jessica jokingly dubbed this teeny-little-10lb-two-month-old "Big Al." I told Jess that one of the reasons we chose the name Alice was because it had such a dainty, feminine sound to it, and "how did you turn it into something so horribly masculine!?" When I think "Alice" I think flowery dresses, lace, tea parties, pink and lavender and beautiful blue eyes. "Big Al," on the other hand, brings to mind a big burly, rough-and-tough cowboy getting in a bar fight with some other dusty, sweaty fella somewhere in Mississippi. Not really the image I intended my little girl's name to invoke. But despite its ill-fitting nature the nickname stuck.

A few months later, Big Al's Texas BBQ opened a couple minutes away from our house. Because of the nickname we decided we'd have to take her to this Big Al's BBQ for her first birthday. It turned out that just a couple weeks before Alice's big 1 year mark we went there for dinner (the pre-game excitement for The Hunger Games movie). A very merry un{/almost}-birthday to you, Big Al.


A little unsure before we went in, as soon as she sat down and realized she was getting food she was all for it.
Excited for our BBQ Brisket and baked beans to come out.

A great night honoring our little girl.

 Big Al, you've come a long ways from the teenyweeny package you were when you first came to us.
It's hard to remember just how skinny you really were, with your little froggy legs and toothpick arms. At 5lbs 14oz there wasn't much of you to love but you stole our hearts pretty quick.

And thank you, Aunty Jess, for giving her the silly nickname we all love.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Alice's Birthday Bash

This post is old news, I know, but for
journaling/scrapbooking/documentationofmydaugther'slife purposes
 I'm still posting it. 

Happy First Birthday to Alice! I could not believe how fast this first year went, it's cliche to say but it really is incredible how fast the time goes.We celebrated Alice's one year with a party at Max's parents' house.

We started out the night sitting in a big circle and passing Alice along as she opened peoples' gifts. If they brought one we had them help her open it and if they didn't we gave them one to help her with. I thought that would be a fun way to do it since Alice didn't really care about the gifts by themselves but she liked seeing everyone, and also that way everyone got to be involved rather than simply watching her demolish her gift wrap. It was really cute, I didn't get a picture of everybody though, and I'm kicking myself for it.

Uncle Abe holding Alice
Uncle Macsen and Aunt Jessica
Openeing a Swimming Suit!! 
We signed Alice up for swimming lessons at the Provo Rec Center.
More on that in a later post.

 Aunt Hannah!
And friend Lucy. We should have gotten a pic of them together, cute little church friends. 
Lucy Winder and her family are building a house in our ward.


Daddy's gift was her favorite of the night.
 Here very own box of tissues - to pull out and empty ash she pleased.

 Grandma bought Alice some adorable summer clothes.


 Timid at first, once she realized what this big white thing was she dug right in.


 Mmmmmm, Yummy.



She made a satisfying mess, just like I was hoping she would. We had another nice chocolate cake for everyone else to eat after she finished demolishing her own.

Happy Birthday Alice, Dear.