Sunday, October 30, 2011


A few months ago Max and I went to see U2. We'd bought the tickets for the concert they were supposed to have the summer of 2010, which for some reason that I don't know didn't end up happening. So we received vouchers to come to this years tour, and we didn't turn them down.

It was fun, not the type of thing that we normally do. Honestly I'm not all that familiar with their music and so was surprised to realize at the concert that I recognized so many songs.

Before the show started their big screen was playing all sorts of facts and statistics from all over the world. Things like consumerism, politics, etc. It was really entertaining for us while we waited for it to start.

Their setup was pretty incredible. This huge structure in the middle of the Rice Eccles Stadium at the U of U. It was pretty impressive even before the show started, we had no idea of its awesome potential :)

When Bono finally came out on stage Max and I both turned to each other with the same thought. It was like he was a god! The stadium had completely erupted and people were going absolutely crazy! All the man was doing was walking around, he hadn't even started singing, and yet they loved it. It's amazing how much power we (as in we humans, not we me and Max) give to our celebrities by giving them such support, adoration, praise. No wonder so many of them have such messed up lives.

As it grew dark and the lights of the stage came on the effect was pretty awesome. With the eardrum splitting volume and all those flashing lights it was pretty hard to put your mind on anything else besides

It got even cooler though.
About halfway through the concert their huge screen
above the stage started doing this!!!!:

It was expanding magically before our eyes and the image of Bono was getting larger and larger and larger than life!

It was really pretty impressive, and once again Max and I turned to each other excitedly like little kids and said to each other "Whoa!!" Pretty cool. It was fun to be a part of such a massive event.

A few times throughout the concert I would step outside of myself and all the noise and visual stimulation and think that all this was really quite stupid. I mean he's just a musician. He's really good, and it was really fun, but when it comes down to it, it's just music. All the money that goes into his massive tour and all the employees and technology he uses could be put to such better use.

Sometimes I can't help thinking that we may have all our priorities totally messed up.

But the concert was still pretty fun.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Can Clothing Have Memories?

When the weather started turning autmuny I started pulling out some cold weather clothing from the dark corners of my closet. In the mornings I would sit on my bed looking into my closet trying to become inspired by a shirt or a pair of pants to form a fashionable outfit. Instead I would sit there and look at the fall clothes and think blah blah blah, or rather blech blech blech. Every time I went to try and wear these pants:

...or this shirt:

...or even this lovely pair of shoes:

...among other items of clothing, I felt a wave of nausea surge from my mind through the back of my throat and down into my stomach where it would sit and smolder for a few moments before it went away.

No, it's not that I think my clothes are so completely hideous that I can't bear to wear them.

When I think of wearing these clothes I'm transferred back to last fall when I wore them a whole bunch. I'm also transferred back to that constant feeling of nausea I carried around with me every minute of every day (first trimester pregnancy sickness **(notice I didn't call it morning sickness, whoever made up that stupid phrase had obviously never been pregnant)** ). I simply couldn't bring myself to put these things on my body because they reminded me so strongly of feeling sick all the time, brought back thoughts of dragging myself around campus afraid that at any moment I was going to throw up. Yuck. I don't miss that.

Normally when fall comes around I'm all jittery about putting on the jackets and sweaters and bringing out my seasonal wardrobe. Sadly this year it wasn't quite so exciting. Oh the joys of pregnancy:)

Don't worry, I've since forced myself to overcome this aversion to half my wardrobe. I no longer feel sick to the stomach when thinking about putting on some of my clothing. But there is still some sort of lingering hesitation to wear them... kinda like the last person to be picked to play on a junior high p.e. team.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Meeting Gramma and Grampa Garrett, and....

Back when Alice was still a wee little lady, I think about two months old, she went to meet her grandparents Garrett.

Grandma Maxine delightedly chattered about her cuteness.

Grandpa Max held her gently and peacefully gazed at her soft little face.

We had to apologize about taking so long to bring her over. But she's been back many times since to make up for it.

* * * * * *

Also, I had to share these photos from around the same time, same outfit even. They were just tooo cute to pass by!

Is that not the cutest little face ever!
I love how the binky looks so big on her.

These were back when she was little little. So skinny and small, all her clothes swallowed her up.
Headbands, too, were loosey goosey, way to big.

Big Yawn!
Why are baby yawns so cute?
And baby sneezes, and coughs, and hiccups.
They're all just so much smaller and petite than grown up ones.
I guess that's why they're so cute.

* * * * * * * *

And perhaps my favorite of all:

Such a little angel.
Sleeping sweetly in Mama's arms.
I've got to frame this one.

There is something about little infants.
So pure, innocent, peaceful.
Fresh from heaven.
Little, insignificant, helpless beings
and yet they are so reverenced by those bigger, stronger, faster, and smarter.
Maybe its our understanding of the responsibility we have to care for them,
the understanding of their complete dependence on us
for everything
that causes us to love them so very very much.

Las Vegas - The Strip

After Max finished with his convention one night we headed out of the hotel to explore the strip. Walking out of the air-conditioned Venetian was like walking into an oven. As we made our way to the exits slowly the heat became more and more intense until we were outside and I swear I could see and feel the heat waves as the radiated onto my skin. That place is so hot.

This is just a few steps out of our hotel.
There it is.
The Strip.

It's amazing that for being so famed and celebrated
it's really just a small, colorful speck
in the middle of the dessert.

They've put every effort into making all the copies in Vegas, like these fountains
and statues as beautiful as their originals.

Which is great for our small travel budget.

The Bellagio was one of the stops we made,
of course.
As we wandered through it we came upon various interesting pieces of artwork.

Such as this larger than life chocolate fountain
at a small confections shop.
Look at the woman in the background for scale.
If only I'd had a crate of strawberries with me...

And these pretty umbrella displays

At another confections shop there was this life size train engine!
I think it was made out of marshmallows.

Here's a closer look.
It was so cute!

Dinner that night was at the Bellagio buffet.
We felt a little out of place toting in our bulky stroller and
baby carrier, not to mention the 3 month old baby we had with us.
Especially when we had to ask our waiter
for a pitcher of warm water for her bottle.

When a sweet elderly woman from a neighboring table came over and
took my baby from my arms as she asked if she could hold her,
although a bit forward of her, I began to feel a bit more accepted and "in place".

After dinner we walked outside and waited around for the famous musical fountains to play.
Although the picture makes it seem secluded and romantic,
we had to fight for this little space along the balustrade.

James Taylor sang to us as we watched the magical, dancing, twirling fountains.

One more look at the strip all lit up in its neons.

Until next time, Vegas.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall Family Photos

Back in the beginning of October Max drove our little family up to Squaw Peak, at my pressing, to enjoy the lovely lovely fall. Our earth is so beautiful, I get such pleasure from her seasons.

We passed a couple as we drove that was biking up the mountain (they quickly earned my admiration as I watched them pedal up the steep, windy road. Maybe someday I'll be fit enough to bike up a mountainside, and maybe someday we'll get ourselves some nice bikes so we can go on nice bike rides like them). While we sat at the summit enjoying the colors they finally made it to the top. She kindly took some family shots for us.

A people shot...

...and a scenic shot.
These Provo mountains are serious beauties.
Notice that in two out of three of the pictures little Alice is grabbing her little toesies.
It's a new favorite trick of hers.

Here it is caught close up.
So cute!

She loves her little feeties.
Especially when wearing her colorful Mary Jane socks, Becca.
Both her and I are very sad that she's growing out of them,
her feets are getting kinda chubby.