Monday, May 23, 2011

Another Video

So this one is basically same as the Tummy Time one I posted below, except it's not tilted sideways. I wanted to post it, though, because you can hear her "vocalizing" (I can't call it talking or cooing yet) and it's really cute! She makes a few little baby noises and I thought y'all would like to hear them.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

First Outing (after Baby)

(First of all, I do loooove this picture. I didn't mind Max's beard so much when it was at this length. Right now I think it's just a bit too long and scraggly.)

This fun outing happened just a few days after Alice was born, maybe a week. It was an awards banquet for BYU's English department. Award recipients for writing contests throughout the past school year were recognized and honored and treated to a delicious dinner (not BYU catering, which was kind of nice as we've eaten the same BYU catering dishes a handful of times at various events) with classy live jazz music playing in the background.

Max was recognized for winning First Place (!) (and a nice little chunk of cash) in the Vera Mayhew essay contest held at BYU this past year. He entered an essay called Anticipare, about a soon-to-be father anticipating the birth of his child (yes, talking about himself). Probably most of you who read my blog have read it already, but for those who haven't it really is a beautifully written tribute to the joy of having a child. Here's a little teaser:

* * *

Smooth jazz blues waft from the living room stereo as my wife rushes to the bathroom for the third or fourth time today, heaving into the ivory throne—an inexplicable, undesirable purging that only God understands—and she’s crying and shivering because the physical pain overwhelms the hopeful memory of the tiny soul that’s developing inside her, but I can’t save her pain any more than the white porcelain vase can, and the only thing I can do is stay at the kitchen sink where I’m washing the dishes. I have plenty of time to reflect, at the kitchen sink. As I wash, sudsing the dinner plates and scraping the plasticware of week-old leftovers, the steady stream of the faucet pours ideas into my head: meditations on the nine-month process my wife is enduring, joyful anticipation of the miracle that will culminate her agonizing experience. While so many people live in fearful anticipation of death, my wife and I anxiously anticipate new life.

Most of a pregnancy, as I see it, is anticipation. From a broad view, we anticipate the lanky, sassy brunette that the embryo will become, or the curious toddler that will eat anything in reach and keep us in stitches. Even with an eye on the day-to-day, pregnancy is anticipation—constant, desperate fear of vomiting in public, or waiting in a room at the doctor’s office that could, by all accounts, be named “the Anticipating Room.” In another room, this one dark and sterile, all eyes are on the black and white monitor as a medical technician uses clear goo and a magical machine to feel around my wife’s bulge. The technician narrates to the tune of our baby’s sloshy metronome, which seems to be that of a squirrel, judging by the speed of its frantic pumping. The gray scale images are lumpy and blurry—we’d be helpless to navigate without the ongoing explanation—but just a few minutes of the ultrasound hold as much vibrant life as a flutter of monarch butterflies dancing in the sun. The haphazard movement of the tiny hands intrigues me the most. They twitch and reach, jerking erratically as our daughter feels her way around the inside of her temporary home, attempting to cling to or grasp a future that’s untold.

* * *

If he'd let me I'd post the whole thing on here because I want everyone to read it, I think it's so good. If you care to read more, I'm sure he'd send it to you by email - he just doesn't want it published on the web.

Anyways, a job well done to Max, he worked very hard on this essay and it shows. It was nice to have a reason to go out together and have some fun after the wonderful but also exhausting and stressful event of having our baby 5 weeks early and spending hours and hours with her in the NICU.

Videos of Alice

For far away friends and family who wish they were here to meet little Alice, here are some videos of her so you can feel like you're nearby.

(Or for close family and friends who simply want to enjoy watching the cute baby)

I like to call this one Alice Strong Arms. Max is starting early trying to whip her into shape :) I love how she seems so captivated by his face, it must be that hairy beard.

This one shows Alice doing some tummy time, working those back and neck muscles so she can learn how to crawl. Sorry about the sideways view, I don't know how to rotate it. Try not to get a crook in your neck while you're watching it over and over again 'cause it's just so cute.

Thank you to Ben and Maureen for giving us the handy Flip camera for Christmas. I'll try and use it more, I need to remember to capture lots of memories of her.

Two Months Old!

Little Baby Alice turned turned two months old yesterday. Here she is as a big two month old (about three weeks gestational age).

Thanks Aunt Becca for the sweet little socks!
They finally fit.

We had her all dressed up for church today in her cute little fishy dress with matching headband. When we first got the dress her little head was too small for the headband, but she's grown into it.

A girl in my ward offered to do a free photo shoot with Alice as a gift, to view some more adorable pictures of her click here. (They are realllly cute)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Baby Alice!

Short Post, but I didn't want to be pregnant anymore in the blogging world.

Baby Alice is here!

Alice Anne Ogles, 5.14, March 26th at 11:17 pm, 2011.

Isn't she beautiful?!?!?!