Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Celebration

A few weeks ago, maybe about a week or two after we returned from Christmas break, Max came home carrying a piece of paper (with some signatures on it) and wearing a little "I'm Awesome" grin. He told me that the long talked about day had come, and Change Anything had officially agreed to hire him on full time, as in: a Real, Daddy, support-your-family type job, after he graduates, officially starting on May 1 (which also happens to be the day our baby is due).

We Love Change Anything! He's been working with them since last April, starting as an intern and then staying on after the summer was over. His boss liked him so much that talk of hiring him on after he graduated started pretty early last semester. It's been a hope in the back of our minds since then and it's so nice to finally have it set in stone. What a blessing it is for us to have the security of a full time job even before Max is graduated. There are many who do not get that sort of peace of mind. And it couldn't have come at a more perfect time for us, with both of us graduating this spring, and a little baby on the way. We are very grateful.

I am very proud of Max, he's put a lot of work into getting himself in this position so a "real" job could become a possibility. Lots of networking, research, and boldness have gone into this starting way back since before we were married (Waaaaay back over a year and a half ago... ok, so maybe "way back" is the wrong term, but still, he's been working at it for a while). It started with him working as a T.A. for a business professor he'd had for a much enjoyed class in the Marriott School at BYU, then on a tip from her attended an MBA class from another BYU professor, who offered to take any student to lunch and answer any questions they may have, at which lunch the seed was planted for an internship with this professor's company VitalSmarts. The internship became a reality when Max was put in contact with the head of a new branch of VitalSmarts (Change Anything) and the story from there is history. His boss loved having him on the team, and as of a few weeks ago everything is finalized for him to begin working full time after he graduates. Whew!

After he related the news to me I told him we'd better go out and celebrate! So we went to our favorite Restaurant for dinner:

Seriously, we love this place. Never been disappointed with it. We dined there multiple times while we were dating, decided to eat lunch there the day we were married, after we left the temple, and have since eaten there a good handful of times. If you haven't tried the place, you must. I know, soups salads and sandwiches may sound girly and un-filling (this is directed to all the men who read my blog. . .) but really, it's not like that. So delicious! And they give you a nice slice of french bread and a chocolate covered strawberry with every combo you buy!
**Max's favorite is the Wisconsin Cauliflower soup and the Turkey Cranberry panini. I don't have a favorite, I hate choosing favorites. But every time we go he gets the same thing, and I always tell him to remind me to get the Cauliflower soup next time. . . he never does. I like a lot of their stuff - Turkey Spinach Artichoke panini is good, Tomato Basil soup is good, they have a chicken taco tortilla type soup that's really good, their berry salad is wonderful during the summer.... really you can't go wrong.

Anyways, we drove over to Zupas to celebrate the hiring with some delicious dinner.

Here we are with our yummy food!:

We even decided to splurge, since we were celebrating, and get some desert.
Holy Yum. It was so good.

There he is!

Thank you Change Anything for this wonderful reason to celebrate. We hope to have at least a few good, happy years with you (until Max decides it's time to go get that MBA).

A Little Bigger

And some more pictures for your viewing pleasure:

These were taken a few weeks ago,
Right about week 26 (I'm closer to 28 now)

I look like I'm romantically looking off into the distance :)

I was looking in the mirror on our wall and then Max snapped the picture.
I think it shows the bulge pretty well though :)
Cute little thing.
There's a baby in there!

**PS for Brittany S. : I tried to make those other pix bigger... but don't know how.