Monday, November 22, 2010

On My Mind

-Little Women I looove this movie, and for some reason I always begin to think more about it during the holiday season. Maybe because it starts out in the winter, Christmas time, and there are a few Christmases in it. Also maybe because Christmas time is a time to gather with families and this movie is so focused on family and sisterly love.

-Other Christmas movies (man, I'm getting into the spirit early this year, I've even listened to Christmas music a couple times. I used to hate doing that until after Thanksgiving but now I'm trying to remember why I so strongly disliked it, Christmas music is so wonderful!)
The Polar Express
White Christmas
It's a Beautiful Life
Miracle on 34th Street
-Research Paper: My history of Spain class is requiring me to write one, due on December 8th.... I haven't really started it yet.

-Snow! Love it. Wish I could play in it more. I don't think I'll be doing as much skiing this year, since: A) I'm pregnant and am not sure I want to risk falling and injuring myself or the little one, and B) We aren't buying passes this year, money is a bit tighter and we're trying to save up for the little one when it comes. (I guess you could say it's all the little one's fault that I'm not going to be participating much, if at all, in the sport I love so much this year). By the way, we should be finding it if TLO is a he or she on December 14.

-Brittany, and Brent, and Jason - Britt if you read this, know I'm thinking of you. Thanksgiving will be very different without you and your cute family around. Even though it was me that was absent last year, it seems a bit strange you all won't be around because for so long you guys were always up in ID for the holidays. Hope you're enjoying your holidays down in Houston.

- Cleaning... .. ... this has been on my mind for a while. I have gotten so out of the cleaning mode recently. At first it was because I felt sicky all the time and couldn't bring myself to do it. Now I guess it's just because I'm being lazy! I don't really feel as sick anymore, as long as I keep good food in me throughout the day, but I still just never want to clean! And it's weird because I used to LOOOOVE to clean, even the yucky bathroom! What's wrong with me? I need to fix this before we leave for Thanksgiving break, which means I need to clean the apt tonight. Because who wants to come back from a holiday break to a messy house? Maybe I should just stop blogging right now and get to it... I will in a minute :)

- The semester is almost over. Starting last Friday and ending today at about 3:00 I discovered, one by one, that each of my 3 classes that I was supposed to have tomorrow have been canceled! Which means that really I only have a week and a half after Thanksgiving break of classes, and then finals week. WoW - I never thought this semester would end.

-My job. I really love my job. I was sooo excited to be able to return to work about two weeks ago. My boss is hilarious, and very kind about my pregnant state, always asking how I'm doing, telling my coworkers to not let the pregnant lady push the green machine (our big heavy watering tank) (which really is no big deal for me to push), etc. And I love the girls I work with, the three that have been there since I started Jenna Standing, Liz Pletsch, and Alyx Strawn are awesome, and I count them all as my friends. It's nice to be able to hang out with girls again, since most of the time I just hang out with Max, which is fun... but not the same as being around a bunch of girls. Alyx is graduating in December! It'll be sad to see her go.
We're getting all our Christmas decorations out for the big set up we do every year in the ASB. A few trees, two GIANT wreaths, and lots of fun Christmasy stuff.
It's just a really fun job. I'm loving being back and I keep thinking about how I will miss it when I have to stop in the Spring, after the little one comes.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Long Hair

So I usually think that super long hair looks really weird, and kind of awkward. I think to myself, "That hair is just tooo long, I could never wear my hair that long."

But look at this Gorgeous, Long Hair!!

Have you ever seen hair so beautiful?

I know it's a weird topic, and a weird picture, but for whatever random reason ( I was studying for my History exam and reading about Henry VIII, who supposedly had auburn hair... now you know how easily distracted I get by silly things) I was looking up the word "auburn" on google to see what color it really was. This hair showed up and I was amazed by its beauty.

I still probably won't ever grow my hair that long, too much work. I just wanted to share that super long hair can look really good.
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