Monday, July 12, 2010

My Birthday!

...Was excellent. I had worries about it (see previous post) because it was the first time I had to go to school (and take tests!) on my summer birthday. But it turned out great, and I'll tell you why.

I woke up in the morning to sweet Max rubbing my shoulder and the smell of a delicious breakfast wafting in from the kitchen. He brought me out into the living room to a pile of presents lined up on the couch and our two laptops open for my convenience, one to the weather station and the other to my facebook. I was delighted! A little background will help this make more sense. Starting with the cold winter months of last year I began looking at the weather every day so I would know how I should dress. Utah weather is pretty fickle and I needed to know just how much to bundle up for the day. Well the habit has continued and Max was thoughtful enough to open the weather site up for me so I wouldn't have to take the time to do it! He also had facebook open, just for fun. It was all a joke, but really funny. It's those little things that make your day special, right? One more little thing, or maybe not so little since it came from Max, the Michael-Buble-hater, was that he had our stereo playing softly the songs of Michael Buble (known to Max as Michael Butthead). Despite his dislike, he knew of my great-like and played it for me on my birthday. After presents we ate a great breakfast of German pancakes, Deeelicious. Then hurried real quick to get ready and off to work, and later school for me.

After work I met Max for lunch at the MOA Cafe, located in the upstairs of BYU's Museum of Art. I'd been wanting to eat there for a while since I'd heard so many people talk about how good it is, and also because if its pretty location with a balcony on one side overlooking the museum and walls of windows on the other overlooking the beautiful campus. It didn't disapoint, although it was quite expensive. I got a croissant turkey sandwich that had a surprise ingredient of thinly sliced apples. Who would have thought turkey and apples? But it was real good.

After lunch I had to go take my tests. They were difficult but I ended up doing ok on both of them. When I headed to my last class I got a nice surprise. I went late because I had been taking a test, and when I got there it turned out that there were only a few minutes left of class, so I got to go home about an hour early! Awesome.

Later that evening we gathered some friends together at a nearby park for cake and ice cream. Liz was so kind to make a delicious chocolate cake for me, the cake and frosting all made from scratch! She also made me one of my favorite desserts, oreo truffles! With enough to share and still take some home for later. It was fun to get together with friends and family. The Staleys, Max's cousin Paul Garrett wife Claudia and two adorable kids Madison and Jex (they're in our ward and live a block away), Macsen, our friends Brent and Janelle Lambson, Liz, and Max's cousin Sarah and her fiance at the time but now husband, Brent Monsen. Thank you all for coming to celebrate my birthday!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Birthday First, And Only

This year I will experience for the first and last time what it is like to have to go to school on my birthday (not only go to school but take a test as well!). Since it falls in July, and I've never done any sort of summer school or classes before, this will be the first. Many of my birthdays have fallen during a family campout or vacation, or when all my friends were on campouts/vacations, but I've never experienced the school thing before. Never had any cupcakes and fruit juice brought to class for me and never gotten to skip school to go shopping with Mom or out to lunch with Dad. Not that I would have rather had my birthday during the school year, I've enjoyed being free to celebrate during any time of the day.

This year I decided to do the spring and summer class thing so that I could graduate with Max in April! Which I'm very excited for. Originally we were thinking August, but both of us have just discovered that we could actually make it April, which means only TWO more semesters!

Anyways, I keep thinking that I need to be doing something Now, two days before the big day comes, so I can have time to celebrate the way I want. But then I realize that it's really ok to go to school on my birthday, and that in fact most people do, at least in their school-going years. Nine of the twelve calendar months fall during the school year, and I am one of the lucky few whose birthday falls in the free three. For example, my husband Max's birthday is on October 7, which fell on a Wednesday this last year. We were both gone all day, from around 8:00am until 5:00pm, either at work or in classes, and had to celebrate it in the early morning and evening of the day. I got up and made him a nice breakfast before work and in the evening we had some friends and family over for brownies and ice cream. And it was great!

See, this is the awesome breakfast I made him! Belgian waffles with yummy berry sauce, scrambled eggs, OJ, and a nice pile of presents!

So I guess what I'm saying is that I need to realize:
- I'm still going to have a great day, even though I'll be in school.
- I've been spoiled as far as birthday goes, being able to have the Whole day to myself in years past.
- and it's ok to have a birthday that maybe isn't so free and relaxing as others.

I mean it is just a birthday, I get one every year... not that big a deal.

***Although, now that I think about it, we did have birthday dinner for Max at Grandma O's the Sunday before... and used our gift certificate for the restaurant La Caille on Saturday, still in celebration of his 23rd. Haha, we'll see what happens for me :)

Whatever happens, I'm sure it will be great!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

College Night at the Springville Art Museum

Wednesday night Max and I made a little trip out to the Springville Museum of Art for their College Night. We had a great time! Free admission, live music entertainment, and chips and salsa provided by Rubio's out in the sculpture garden.

Unfortunately I forgot to bring our camera with us, but for those who haven't had the opportunity to visit the museum, that's what it looks like (look up). It is a beautiful building designed with a Spanish architecture. The interior has polished stone floors and you move from room to room in 17 century style corridors. There's a neat feel to the place.

There was also a wonderful selection of artwork on display, as I'm sure there always is. Max and I were very impressed with how beautiful the pieces were that we saw. And so many of the artists (all of them?) from right here in Utah. A lot of lovely Utah- type, mountainous landscapes, some incredibly realistic portraits and many other interesting subjects. We decided that when we're older and richer we'll come back to Springville and with our "spare" money (haha) buy some beautiful, original paintings like the ones that were there on Wednesday. Help out an artist and get something beautiful for our home.

We enjoyed our trip and definitely plan to go back. You all should make a visit as well. The next College Night is September 15, 2010. Mark your calendars!