Friday, June 25, 2010

Miss You...

Max has been gone for the past few days. He's on a campout with the scouts and has been gone since Wednesday night. But I haven't seen him since Wednesday at about noon. That adds on 6 more hours! I'm writing this at 10:17 on Friday night, so really it hasn't even been very long, but I feel like it has. For the time that we've been married, July 30 of last summer, these past few days have been the longest that we've ever been apart! I know that some people have it much worse than I and have to go without seeing their spouses for much longer, but I still miss him!

So I just want to say that I miss ya buddy, and I can't wait to see you tomorrow! Drive back safe.

Monday, June 21, 2010

"And Here We Have Idaho...!"

"... Winning her waaay to faaaaame! Silver and gold in the sunset blaze, and Romance lies in heeer name!..." A few weekends ago my husband and I took a trip up to Idaho. The title to this post is reminiscent of Idaho's state song. (You can look up the whole thing on google if you so desire.)

I snapped a few pictures of the view we had from the highway as we were driving up and every time I look at them I begin humming those lyrics in my head. During the drive I realized how much I really do love Idaho, her farms, low fields with great, big, wheeled sprinklers sprawling out into the distance, the quiet, country life. While gazing out at the passing fields and farms I feel that I can breath deeply again. No buildings, offices, roads, or motorized vehicles obstructing my vision, just pure, sweet land. Here are the two best pictures I could get from our little Prizm; it's not as easy as it sounds to snap a steady shot in a little, bumpy car like that.

Midway through the trip, somewhere near Burley, Max and I stopped for gas and decided we needed a few treats to keep us going. Well, mainly for him 'cause he was feeling a bit drowsy and, as the driver, needed something to pump his blood sugar up. I refused to be left out of these yummies so bought a snack for myself as well. While browsing through the aisles of the little gas station, looking at the candy and goodies they had stocked on their shelves, I noticed the little Idaho Spud candybar that I'd seen so many times before. I grew up in Idaho, and these little guys are in every candy aisle in the whole state it seems. My eyes had passed over them so many times that eventually I began ignoring them. This time though, my eyes stopped.

I'm no longer a permanent Idaho resident, not for now at least. I've been living in Utah for about the past four years attending college at BYU. I guess it had been a while since I'd seen one of those little spud candies, and I decided it was high time I tried one! I mean, it is my home-state. The least I could do is sample the candy that is her namesake. You can't see it on the wrapper I have here, but down on the underside there's a statement that claims that this little bar is what made Idaho famous! And it's made right there in Boise.

A yummy marshmallow filling, covered with a shell of chocolate and sprinkled with coconut bits. It even looks like a potato! White center and brown exterior (peel).I must say, it was quite delicious. My tummy was as happy as my smile says it was.

One of the reasons we took the trip was so that my family and I could introduce Max to Eagle Fun Days! It's a festival that our town does the beginning of every June. Complete with a carnival, pancake breakfast followed by a parade, and lots and lots of booths and shops set up along State Street of downtown Eagle.

Here are some shots I got of the parade:

The opening sign.

Sitting with our family waiting for it to start!

Just to give you an idea of the types of "floats" that are entered into the parade. As I said, I LOVE my country home. This year I think I only saw one tractor, in years past there have been many. Instead of motorcycle gangs we have tractor gangs :)

This one makes up for the lack in number though, because it has in tow a little cow train pulling kiddies!

Now it isn't just any parade, about halfway through it becomes the Eagle Fun Days Wet and Wild Parade! It turns into a huge water fight and is sooo fun!

Unfortunately I didn't get any of my own pictures of the action, I was too busy watching it happen. So I found some pictures on line to give you a little taste of what it's like.


Yes, that is a fire truck you see.


It's pure craziness!

People have stockpiles of water and squirt guns for when the wetness begins. Our neighbors we sit by ever year bring about four big garbage cans full of water to re-fuel with. And this year there was a family down the street that had a whole trailor full! There was a tarp inside it to keep the water from leaking out, it looked like a mini swimming pool!

It was a good trip, hopefully Max and I will make it up for some more Eagle Fun Days excitement in the future.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Life Continues

It's almost 7:00 am this fine Monday morning, which means it is juuust about time for me to jump in the shower, so I can get out in time for Max to get in the shower and we can start our morning with enough time to get ourselves ready and out the door and to work on time (which for me is about 10 minutes late :) ). Luckily for us we both have jobs and bosses that allow us some leeway time in the morning, and don't require us to show up "on the dot". Although, if we stop and think about it, the people we are really hurting is ourselves. By losing those precious few minutes five times a week, it adds up to a significant (for poor, newlywed college students at least) sum of money in our next pay check.
Anyways, I've been sitting at my computer for the past 35 minutes this morning finishing up some Philosophy homework I had (if you haven't seen my complaints on facebook, know that Philosophy is definitely not my favorite subject, although it might have had potential if the texts weren't so darn confusing and hard to decipher). I had planned to go on a run this morning, in preparation for a future 5K, no I haven't chosen which one yet. But, such is the life of a college student who likes to enjoy her weekends. Not enough done over the two day break = no time Monday morning to exercise. Darn it! Maybe I can squeeze it in this afternoon.
Philosophy is now completed, I've successfully (I hope) defined what exactly Determinism, Libertarianism, and Compatibility are based on the three articles I had to read. And I don't think my definitions are half bad. Luckily (blessedly?) for me one of these readings was by a modern philosopher who "has a reputation for clarity". I saw that in the introduction to his essay and almost jumped for joy. FINALLY! A philosopher who knows how to write clearly! And it actually was surprisingly clear, minus the fact that I was reading late at night and my tired eyes and brain weren't working up to their full potential. But really, all in all, he was easier to understand than all others I've read.

Well, enough about philosophy, I should probably go jump in that shower now. I just felt like writing my musings on this beautiful summer (yet still school-filled) morning. Hope your day is beautiful, I think mine will be.