Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's Time

I've decided that it's time to get back into shape. Such a cliche phrase, I know, but throughout the past few months I've somehow lost my drive, that used to come so naturally, for exercise and healthy eating. So I've decided to tell the world about it, or at least my family and friends who will see this blog. I'm hoping that will give me more motivation to actually make it happen. It's time to eat more fruits and vegetables and less ice cream and cookies. It's time to wake up earlier and get in some hard breathing to start off my day. I think I may even begin training for a 5K or two (or three?) this summer. I did one last fall and actually really enjoyed it, it felt good to run again and feel that old, familiar pain. That will motivate me to get into shape, no sense paying to enter a race and then not being able to run it.

So if you wanna run a 5K with me this summer, let me know!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

As promised, this is the final product of our cleaning efforts in changing the cluttered storage closet into a live-able, walk-able second bedroom. First was the cleaning process. We went through a bunch of storage boxes as well as everything that was on the floor in that room, and so things began overflowing into the front room:

Look at Max, dutifully helping me clean it out. Actually, fixing up the room was his idea. I think he may be better at keeping things clean and organized than I am :) It was quite a project, it took most of one of the free days during the short break we had between winter and spring semester. But it looks so much better now, doesn't it?!

It's great to make our house feel just a little more homey and clean. We are quite enjoying it!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rolled Ankle

When I exercise I generally prefer staying at home and doing workout videos. I find they take less time than driving to a gym, dropping my things off in the ladies' locker room, finding an open machine, pushing the right buttons to get the right settings, and, 30 minutes after embarking, beginning my workout. There are two DVD's that I alternate between, one is "Crunch Burn and Firm Pilates" and the other is the thrilling "Turbo Jam!", and I've been enjoying them for over two years. They're great.
Well this morning I was getting in my usual (or at least what tries to be usual) workout before work and I had chosen Turbo Jam--I felt the need to do some jumping around.

Fifteen minutes in, I placed the heel of my foot on my water bottle which lay unseen behind me, and felt my ankle cave and twist with an accompanying crunch in a very unpleasant manner. I instinctively cried out, perhaps more in fear than pain, and sat down on the couch wondering what happened, hoping I hadn't broken anything, and waiting to see if the pain would subside.
It did, eventually. After I felt more confident in moving myself I hopped over to the freezer and grabbed a bag of frozen peas and a bag of frozen corn and wrapped my ankle up in a towel and frozen vegetables (They make a great ice pack by the way, malleable and form fitting).
It feels OK now, husband took me to buy a little ankle brace that I've been wearing all day. Movement is slow but it's not painful, which I think is a good sign. :) I'm hoping to be back to normal in a few days...

Moral of the story: Don't do at-home workouts with things on the floor. You may end up with a rolled ankle.

Monday, May 3, 2010

As Plantas Bonitas

Would you just look at the beauty that I work with every day? I'm an employee of the Brigham Young University Grounds Greenhouse and have the privilege of tending lovely little plants on a daily basis. I cannot lie to you, it's not always frolicking fairyland beauty and fun, the work is at times tedious, even laborious, but when I stop to look at the life growing around me I am amazed at its beauty.

These ones are my favorite. They're called Coleus, and come in many different colors and mixes. I LOVE this mix, although I can't remember what it's called at the moment (something like Chill Mix, or Relax Mix, along those lines), because the colors are so vibrant and the contrast between the reds, yellows, and greens is amazing!

All of the above plants and flowers we actually started as seeds, using what we call seeding trays with, I think, eighty little square compartments in each tray and placing one seed atop the soil in each compartment. (A very tedious and neck-cramping, eye-straining job, especially when the seeds are small and brown--the same color as the soil). It's been rewarding to watch as they respond to our careful watering and transform, one leaf at a time, into flourishing plants. In a couple of weeks they will all be gone, the gardeners will be planting them around campus, the Missionary Training Center, and the Provo Temple. I'll be sad to see them go, despite the easier watering task their leaving will create for me.

These guys are some of the tropical plants we use for our special event set ups (Tuesday morning Devotional/Forum in the Marriott Center, all sorts of luncheons and conferences, graduation, Women's Conference, BYUSA dances (when they're jungle-themed) and more). We use Ficus trees, Ferns, Spaths (also known as Peace Lillies), Scheffs, Rubber Trees, Bamboo, etc. All of these names are the casual, shortened, work terms that I've learned. If you were to ask me their complete, scientific names I wouldn't have a clue. It's been an enjoyable job for the past year.